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I am a visual learner and passionate about the impact photographic images and art can have on learners, emotions, context and depth of understanding. I know that it is not conventional, but it gives you a real glimpse into my framework, lens, if you will. I also believe in using visual images to explore holistic practices to construct new personal and professional understandings. As our world becomes more and more integrated into a technological world, our references and understandings about image are critical.

I hold an Ed. D in Instructional Leadership with a focus on Educational Leadership, and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I’ve been with National-Louis University since 1992. My experience includes teaching in Urban Special Education settings (Middle and Elementary Levels). My research includes publications and presentations on: teacher reflection, self-study practices, visual research, holistic education and co-constructing knowledge. My teaching focuses on collaborative group process, constructivist teaching, action research, teacher wellness, service learning and alternative assessments. In addition to teaching teachers as an Associate Professor, I am Program Coordinator for teaching, Learning & Assessment and the Wisconsin Director of Education Programs. I love living in beautiful, Madison, Wisconsin with my husband of 28 years and my 3 children: 22, 20 & 16.


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