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47th International Visual Literacy Conference
Visual Literacy and Technology: from Sight to Insight

1 3 November 2015 @ De Young Museum
Golden Gate Park | 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive San Francisco USA



The 47th IVLA Conference will host over two hundred and eighty attendees and presenters from academia, industry, government, media and other global organizations that will actively exchange, share, and analyze state-of-the-art research and case studies on visual literacy, challenging our preconceptions and showcasing emerging communication technologies and new possibilities for thinking visually.


Visual Literacy and technology is the key theme for IVLA 2015 Conference. The importance of images, visual media and technology in contemporary culture is changing what it means to be literate in the 21st century. Today’s society is highly visual, and visual imagery is no longer supplemental to other forms of information. New digital technologies have made it possible for almost anyone to create and share visual media. Yet the pervasiveness of images and visual media does not necessarily mean that individuals are able to critically view, use, and produce visual content. Individuals must develop these essential skills in order to thoughtfully engage in a visually-oriented society. Visual literacy empowers individuals to participate fully in a visual culture.


IVLA-2015 will celebrate its 47th birthday with ground-breaking research contributions and interactions. In the past and in addition to the conferences held in the United States, IVLA research symposia have been held on a triennial basis in a various countries such as Sweden, Brazil, England, and Kenya. Papers from these symposia are also published in the Journal of Visual Literacy and conference presenters have the opportunity to submit to the IVLA Book of Selected Readings. So please come and join us as an exhibitor and/ or sponsor and help celebrate this year’s IVLA Conference. Your presence at IVLA-2015 will offer you superb insights and great networking opportunities.


Become an Event Partner

Your organization’s presence at IVLA-2015 could offer you superb networking and commercial opportunities. IVLA Sponsorship provides easy and affordable entry-level options for high-impact visibility:

  • Golden Gate Sponsor [Platinum]: Key sponsorship with contributed thought-leadership content – Keynote and session sponsorship – Company branding on all marketing materials, website, signage, and presentations – Official Cocktail Reception and Gala Dinner PR opportunities
  • Cable Car Sponsor [Gold]: Networking Lunch, session signage and sponsorship coffee breaks

If you are interested in sponsorship or representing your organization, foundation or institution at this year’s IVLA conference please contact us: sponsorship@ivla.org

1 3 November 2015 @ De Young Museum Visual Literacy and Technology: from Sight to Insight