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Panel Session 2015


You will need to prepare the following information:

  • Provide the presentation title, and the title of each individual position statement.
  • List all presenters and the chairperson, including all names, titles, organization/institutional affiliation, contact information, and whether or not a member of IVLA. Please designate which presenter is the key contact.
  • Include a 100 to 150 word abstract suitable for inclusion in the conference program. The abstract should provide information regarding the aims of the panel and its scientific and/or educational relevance. Be sure to include the session outcomes, and intended audience.
  • Indicate whether your proposal is appropriate for K-12 teachers.
  • Include no more than 3 relevant keywords or phrases describing your work.
  • Indicate the media to be used. Computer (PC), data projectors and screens will be provided. Internet access is also provided. All other equipment should be supplied by presenters.
  • In the proposal description, summarize the panel session, and include a 100-300 word summary for each individual position. The purpose of the individual summary is to describe the position of each panel participant and must illustrate the diversity of positions with respect to the central issue.