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photo: Daniel Vegel
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IVLA Gala Dinner Montreal


Sorry but the Gala Dinner is SOLD OUT!

Product Description

This year’s IVLA 2016 conference will feature a special Gala Dinner on Friday October 7, 2016 at 19:00.  

The Gala Dinner will present a feast for the senses. The actual fare will be fairly standard. The dinner will be catered by the university approved catering service, Seasons. It will consist of one or two vegetarian options and one or two non-vegetarian options and some wine. However, diners will also be presented with a Sensory Enhancement Kit that will enable them to shuffle and recombine their senses in ways that will augment both the pleasure and the meaning of the meal.

You can reserve you place at the dinner by purchasing* a ticket by September 15th.

*All currency in USD$.


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