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Round Table Session 2015


You will need to prepare the following information:.

  • Give presentation title.
  • Provide list of presenters, including all names, titles, organization/institutional affiliation, contact information, and whether or not a member of IVLA.  Please designate which presenter is the key contact.
  • Give a 50 to 60 word abstract suitable for inclusion in the conference program.  Be sure to include the purpose, session outcome, and intended audience.
  • Indicate whether your proposal is appropriate for K-12 teachers.
  • Indicate whether you would consider presenting in another format than the one you request.
  • Give no more than 3 relevant keywords or phrases describing your work.
  • Laptop or tablet can be used for presentation, but should be supplied by presenters.
  • Provide a 400-600 word description based on your paper’s focus (research, theory, or practice).

    • If you are submitting a research-based proposal, the description should include significance and purpose of the research, research question(s) or problem(s), methods/procedure, results, conclusion, and references. 
    • A theory or practice proposal could be an extended literature review, a case study, a narrative, or a demonstration. The description should include the significance of the work, the questions raised, the practice or findings (if appropriate), and conclusions reached.
  •  If related to K-12 teaching, the description must include how the topic relates to K-12 curriculum standards, what teachers in the sessions will be doing (active, hands-on sessions preferred), and what teachers will take away from the session (handouts, products they have created, lesson plans, rubrics, visual literacy resources, etc.). Please indicate the grade range most appropriate for your topic (e.g., K-12, elementary, middle, high school).