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Seeing Things: Visual Rhetoric and Our Wordless Stories


IVLA 2014 

►Les Loncharich (Assistant Professor, Professional and Technical Writing, Department of Writing & Linguistics, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA)

In this session, I consider intersections, demonstrated with everyday objects, between writing as inscription and visual composition. The relationship between artifact forms and semiotic content in arrangements of everyday objects, parallels similarities between the Gestalt Theories and semantic arrangement of words and letters. As a form of non-alphabetic writing in mundane circumstances, I explore these everyday visual practices through genre theory, which is recurrent social action. I consider these everyday artifacts as tools, in activity systems, which mediate between the composer-producer and a number of social outcomes, such as storytelling, identity building, community formation, and help in making our way in the world.

Filmed November 8, 2014 during the 47th International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA) conference at the Toledo Museum of Art. Produced by Penta Career Center.