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The “Feelie” Sculpture Experience (Hands On Workshop)


IVLA 2014 

► Karen Roderick-Lingeman (Senior Lecturer 2D-Studies – Ceramics, Art Education, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH)

The concepts of working in-the-round where the final sculpture does not have a front/back/top/bottom or sides, but is completely in-the-round with all areas of surface and form being explored is very unique. This is especially true when working in clay. The emphasis is on “ook & feel” line, shape, texture, and form in their most pure sense when sculpting a non-objective three-dimensional object.
Curriculum standards specifically relate to working in a three-dimensional format as well as focusing on the core elements of art in a non-representational approach.

Filmed November 8, 2014 during the 47th International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA) conference at the Toledo Museum of Art. Produced by Penta Career Center.