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Frank A. Cerreto


Frank A. Cerreto has been a member of the faculty of General Studies at Stockton University since 1976.  His research interests include problem representation in mathematics education, connections between mathematics and other disciplines, visual literacy and mathematics education, as well as technology and mathematics education.

For most of his career at Stockton, Frank has served as both coordinator and instructor in Stockton’s First-Year Studies (formerly Basic Studies) Program, while designing and teaching undergraduate and graduate mathematics and mathematics education courses for liberal arts students and for pre- and in-service teachers.  He was instrumental in developing and implementing the college’s Quantitative-Reasoning-Across-the-Disciplines (QUAD) program, which has been supported by three external grants, including two from the National Science Foundation.

Frank also leads and plays in the Stockton Faculty Band, a musical group that raises scholarship money for Stockton students. An active member of the International Visual Literacy Association, he serves currently as the organization’s Membership Coordinator.


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